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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Done with Winter

Dear Winter:
                    Im over you its time to move on. Why must you keep kicking my ass with cold after cold! Bring on the sunshine we want to go out and play!!
Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Boobies..dates..and blogs..

My daughter wasnt breastfed. Couldnt do it (literally she was a preemie my milk never came) I know this makes me less of a mother to the 'Superior' posse at the playground but im ok with that lol! Anyway since alot of the "Superior" posse have new additions they are constantly breastfeeding at the playground which is fine great even. However my daughter is now OBSESSED with...BOOBIES as she would say. She likes to get right in there and check this situation out and now asks to see my boobies and anyone who is around enoughs boobies on a daily basis lol she is funny! The ex from college is coming over later...I really need to get rid of him he is nothing but trouble waiting to happen. I hate to admit im looking forward to seeing him. On the plus side my blog is co-operating much better this makes me happy
Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Dating Front..He's back

I Hadnt talked to "J" Since November but as usual he randomly txts me one night out of the blue. He want to come by and tell me something..Im intrigued I admit and against my MUCH better judgement I allow him to come over. The news he had moved into my neighbourhood I want to emphasize MY neighbourhood. So I ask him where hes been for the last four months. things were getting to serious with us apprently I guess I missed that! He wa ted to know if i had been on dates or slept with anyone how dare he think hes entitled to ask after he vanished! Anyways this was a few weeks ago and I have seen him a few times since but something is different  I think this time I know I cant fall again its always the same. So I have been much colder then usual this seems to make him crazy! So last weekend I take princess to the park (ya that one I go to everyday) I Look up and there he is with his son!!  AWKWARD its weird enough without our children  co mingleing I was not happy How dare you through that on me...and yes it was on purpose. I wasnt ready to meet his child or him to mine! Another reason we cant be together he ALWAYS needs to control everything!

The good. the bad and the Crazy...Mommies

So ..Please be patient my comp is not co-operating well so pardon  the mess of a blog!!  Anyways the weather is finally getting fantatic! I LOVE it...however the nice weather brings out all the mommies  the good the bad and most fun the crazy's!  Im lucky to have a great park next door and its very communial..but very clique'y ya I used that word! Anyways There is all sorts of moms   ones that think there darlings are as breakable as glass and shouldnt get dirty..(why are you at the park then) Then there is the ones who think there parenting is so Superior (I use the word superior as a direct quote from one) They birth at home which is great for some   but we cant all do that. But they also potty train there Newborns! We should all be doing tbis (My daughter is 2 fully trained I think THATS fantastic) But If I was a more in tune to her "cues" she woulda been trained straight from the womb! Then theres the  one that yell at other peoples children for NO REASON! I watched as a little boy dug in the gravel for his missing army man..he got a bit of dirt on a little girls jeans...Her mother lost it and yelled at him to be more careful jesus! I Woulda lost it if this was my child geting told off for NOTHING and to be perfectly honest I cant say that mom wouldnt have got a handful of dirt i her face lol! Ohh How I Love the nice weather
Monday, February 22, 2010
Friday, February 19, 2010

Im Finally Blogging....

So..After many pleads i have finally Started to Blog! My life has been getting pretty interesting lately and it seems to keep all my girl friends VERY entertained so hey why not entertain a few more right.  So Please Join  me on my new adventure not just the blogging but becoming single for the first and parenting a toddler!